Vanacore Napoli bespoke shirt with Canclini fabric.

#Me, MySelf & I.

35Flag_of_the_United_KingdomHello guys, today I want to show you some shots of  bespoke shirt processing, commissioned three weeks ago at Vanacore, Neapolitan shirt-maker; using a Canclini“Rotschield Platinum 200/2” fabric. 

Vanacore is located in Portici, in my country; is a reality that still small and young but boasts collaborations with large commercial giants of the eastern world. It composed of workers from better shirt factories that have made the history of the “Neapolitan shirt”.

Regarding the shirt: the measurement was carried out about 3 weeks ago, starting with a base 37 and going to make appropriate modifications then returning them on paper pattern. The fit is  typical of a Vanacore shirt or “SN” which turns out to be closer to 6 cm compared to a 37 “DR” (regular), presenting the seam shoulder-sleeve slightly higher than usual, to put in out the head of the shoulder. I preferred with

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