Bespoke jacket by Sartoria Fabio Sodano, Napoli.

#Me, MySelf & I.

50Flag_of_the_United_KingdomHello everyone, today I want to show several photos of my Sartoria Fabio Sodano bespoke jacket, in all its phases, from the cut to the final round.

The fabric chosen was a 140’s of Vitale Barberis Canonico deep green with edged celestial and orange square.

 From the beginning I preferred half lining, 3 buttons, stretch 2 and with patch pockets; I was undecided on the chest pocket, but thanks to the Fabio’s advice, I chose to pocket patch. The jacket has a regular lapels of about 9cm, all contours are double hand stitched performed meticulously, by Pasquale.

The split rear of 17 cm each and also finished with hand stitching, on the pulse there is only 1 button hole, almost, all the jackets commissioned at Sartoria Fabio Sodano. The shoulder has no Rollino and is slightly “wrinkled” as the Neapolitan tradition.

Inside the jacket we are: 1 hammer…

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