Bespoke trouser by Sartoria Fabio Sodano, Napoli.

#Me, MySelf & I.

29Flag_of_the_United_KingdomHello friends, today I want to show the different phases of a Sartoria Fabio Sodano bespoke trouser, starting by cutting of the fabric and ending with the final.

The trouser commissioned was created with a blu 140’s Holland & Sherry fabric, without the use of patterns using only the measures taken on my body; completely without liners as the Fabio’s custom. On the front, there are two darts on each side of which a smaller, semi-fake and the other largest known: kissed; the pocket are in sewing and my request was a slightly higher waist strap with 3.5 cm wide and up along the side (fantastic). The closure of the trousers is with the buttonhole, and every button are sewn by hand, as well as asola. In the back there is only one pocket on the right side. The fund is about 19 cm and the fold of…

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