Sartoria Peluso, Napoli.

#Me, MySelf & I.

Pino PelusoFlag_of_the_United_Kingdom Hello, today I want to tell you about Pino Peluso, master tailor homonymousSartoria PelusoI had the pleasure to interviewPino and share some thoughts on the Neapolitan culture when we met on the first floor of an ancient palace of the Chiaia district (Center of Naples)

Only 42-year old but already a master tailor, with a great career behind him; descending from a long family of tailors, as a child, Pino showed much passion and desire to learn, and in fact began his apprenticeship at his family’s tailors, starting with the most menial tasks working  up to the creation of a full jacket.

“Master Tailor”, “one who can teach others the art of the trade”. Many years ago in the Neapolitan tailors used to give the Master only one who was able to watch and encourage other expert tailors being…

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